Packing and crating

We provide packing services for all kind of pieces who will be transported maritime, overland or warehoused. The pieces can be packed in shrink wrapping, crates or wood packs depending on the needs.

Thermo wrapping, wooden crates or packs are used to the goods protection against deteriorations in the case of maritime, land, air transports, warehousing and the unfavorable conditions of the weather.

Packaging with shrink film has the advantage of fitting on any shape of parcel pieces with very few restrictions, regardless of their size, this being an advantage in the packaging of industrial and oversized parts.

Packaging with shrink wrap is cost-effective, durable, UV protected, watertight to provide complete protection for packing elements.

Customs clearance

The customs import/export formalities and the customs transit formalities are carried out professionally by authorized collaborators having the status of customs brokers.

If you are looking for successful customs clearances, please consider this:
- Commercial invoice;
- Cargo letter;
- Certificate of Origin;
- EORI number;
- GSP - Generalized System of Preferences;
- Limited Fiscal Representation;
- Veterinary products.

Special projects

For the special projects we offer solutions for reloading large payloads, heavy which cannot transported using the traditional mode of equipment. Most of these projects handle goods and products from the energy sector, such as generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, cranes, heaters, presses, locomotives, concrete plants, boats, satellites, military equipment, containerized housing units, all kinds of vehicles, large pipes and construction equipment. We can found the best solutions for Specific Industry projects based on the customer requirements. Regardless of commodity size, weight, or configuration we can propose the most suitable solution by combing multiple modes from end-to-end, complete with full visibility.

Survey and inspection services

Survey is an important stage in cargo delivery, especially sea transport. The essence of the service is that forwarder’s specialists carefully inspect the transport, the cargo itself, the integrity of its packaging and other aspects that may affect safety.
We offers a wide range of survey services:
- Damage survey of cargo;
- Preloading surveys;
- Project and heavy cargo surveys;
- Lashing & securing;
- Draught surveys (subcontractors may carry major part of draft surveys);
- Container surveys (stuffing, damage);
- Tally operations;
- General condition surveys.